Helpful Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe this Memorial Day

As Memorial Day approaches this weekend, signaling the start of summer, it's a great time to be outside honoring those who sacrificed for our nation, and to be with family, friends, and pets. Whether you're at the beach, traveling, or sticking close to home, it's important to keep your beloved pets safe during the holiday festivities. We've rounded up our favorite tips to help protect your pets!

Celebrate Smart

If you're celebrating with a good ol' fashion BBQ this weekend, remember that food and drinks that you serve your guests may be poisonous to pets. Keep alcoholic beverages away from animals and remind guests not give them any snacks or human food. Notable foods to keep away from pets are: raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate, and avocado. These common foods are especially toxic to animals! 

Be Cool!

Staying hydrated is especially important for your furry friends. As the temperatures soar, their fur will keep them hot in already hot temperatures. Make sure your pet has plenty of access to shade and cold water if you're planning to have them outdoors. And, be sure to bring them inside when it gets too hot. It's important to note that animals with flat faces like pugs and Persian cats are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as effectively as other animals. Pets that may be overweight, have heart or lung disease, or who are seniors, should be kept inside as much as possible. 

Lifeguard Duty

As your family plays in the pool this weekend, make sure that your pets aren't left unattended near the water. Not all dogs are good swimmers! Introduce them to water slowly and make sure they don't tread into deep water. Also, make sure they don't drink the pool water. It contains dangerous chemicals like chlorine, that could harm them. 

Skip the Spray

Unless designed for animals, keep insect repellent and sunscreen away from pets. Watch out for these signs if your pet has ingested some spray: drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and lethargy. DEET, a common chemical found in insect repellent, may cause neurological issues in dogs. 

IDs and Fireworks

Many beaches in Charleston allow pets. Make sure that they have the proper identification and beach tags on their collars. And, be sure to check the rules at each peach for the local pet policy.

It's especially important to monitor during any fireworks display and to keep them safe. Make sure that your pet has its ID tag on and is microchipped. Many pets are fearful of fireworks and try to flee when scared. Shelters across the nation see a spike in animals during holiday weekends due to pets having escaped during a fireworks display.  

We wish you a wonderful weekend that is both safe and fun!