Adoptable Dogs

All Our Dogs Are:                                                                 Adoption Fees: 

Spay/neutered                                                                       Puppies (<6 months): $350
Current on vaccines                                                              Dogs (6 months - 6 years): $150
Heartworm tested                                                                 Senior Dogs (6+ years): $50
Current on flea/heartworm/intestinal parasite medication

When you adopt from the Frances R. Willis SPCA, you are helping us give animals a second chance.

We are a public open admittance shelter, with a mission to help every adoptable animal that walks through our doors find a forever home. Your Frances R. Willis SPCA pet will complete your family, and remind you of what it means to save two lives- the life of your pet, and the life of the pet that takes its place in our shelter.

We promise that your pet has received the highest level of care and attention while residing at Frances R. Willis SPCA. In addition to providing quality medical care, the Frances R. Willis SPCA staff has showered your pet with love throughout his or her search for a forever home!