Why Foster

An animal in foster frees up space for another animal at the shelter; this helps to increase the number of animals that can be placed on the adoption floor.

The shelter is a stressful place for animals.  Animals that get to live in a home are happier and better adjusted socially.

Potential adopters can receive more information about an animal that has been in foster. Foster families know the animal’s personality and better family-companion matches can be made.

Many medical issues such as heartworm treatment, injuries, and broken bones heal better in a home than at the shelter.  The foster animal receives a lot more one-on-one attention. 

Foster parents allow our cats and dogs to receive the proper care and attention they deserve as they wait for adoption. These animals are often difficult to care for in a shelter environment, because they are orphaned or abandoned, recovering from major surgery, or in need of one-on-one socialization. For animals that may need a break from the shelter environment, foster care provides a comfortable home setting that keeps them happy and healthy.

And, of course, our foster program directly engages people in our lifesaving mission and shows the community that SAVING LIVES is a joint effort. As a foster parent you’ll not only save the lives of animals in your care, but you’ll give other animals coming into the shelter, who may not need the same level of attention, a space on our adoption floor to find their own loving homes. Are you ready to save lives with us?


If You Would Like to Foster: 

Contact our Front Desk & Foster Manager, Storm Moll, smoll@frwspca.org!

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