Find a Stray?

Have you found a stray cat or dog in your community? Follow the steps below to help reunite a pet with their owner: 

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Option 1:

Please first contact the Dorchester County Animal Control (843) 563-0015) to see what options they can provide to help assist the stray animal. 

Option 2: 

If you find an animal and wish to bring them to the shelter, we accept strays during business hours, Monday-Tuesday, Thursday: 12 pm – 4 pm; Friday - Saturday: 12pm - 4pm. Our Intake Department is closed to the public on Wednesday and Sunday. You may bring the lost pet to Frances R. Willis SPCA Intake Department located at 136 Four Paws Lane, Summerville, SC 29483.


Leaving A Found Pet At The
Frances r. willis spca

When you arrive with the animal at Frances R. Willis SPCA, please enter through the front of the building and one of the intake staff members will assist you. They’ll ask you some questions about where and when the animal was found and explain the admitting process and how you can further assist the lost pet find its home. If the animal appears sick, injured, or aggressive please call the Dorchester County Animal Control at (843) 563-0015).

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after hours

If Frances R. Willis SPCA is closed and you find a pet that you are not able to care for until the morning, please call Animal Control so they may be able to provide assistance. Dorchester County Animal Control's number is (843) 563-0015).

If you are unable to immediately locate the
owner of a found pet...ACT FAST!

Contact all area shelters, to include surrounding counties, to see if an owner has reported the animal missing. If there is no report on file at a particular shelter, ask to leave a found pet report and provide a photo of the found animal and be sure to check back daily for any possible matches.

A color photo is one of the most beneficial tools used to help locate the owner of a missing pet. Photos can be used on flyers posted in the area you found the animal, lost and found websites and at shelters to help owner's identify found pets that have not been admitted to the shelter.

Notify friends, neighbors and even local businesses in your neighborhood and/or the area where you found the pet. Provide your contact information so if the owner inquires they will be able to reach you.  Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other community blogs can prove helpful in the search for an owner of a found pet as well. 

Post flyers in your neighborhood and/or the area where you found the pet, as well as local businesses including veterinary practices, groomers and pet supply stores in the area. They may have a Lost and Found bulletin board in their businesses and owners with missing pets frequently notify them of their missing      pet. Include a photo of the found pet and contact information so      you can be reached immediately. 

Read the “lost” ads, and take out a “found” ad in local area newspapers. Be sure to do the same on internet sites such as: