The Frances R. Willis SPCA serves the lost, abandoned and abused animals of Dorchester County including Rosinville, Harleyville, Ridgeville, Oakbrook, St. George, Summerville, and Grover.

Our shelter was established in 1972 to provide a safe haven for stray, abandoned, abused and lost pets.

It’s named for Frances R. Willis, who brought the SPCA to Dorchester County and founded the shelter. Kapstone donated the land for the current SPCA facility. Dr. Brunson Westbury worked with Frances R. Willis to get the road built and land cleared to open the facility.

Over the years we have expanded our facility, but we continue to reach our capacity because our community is growing and the pet overpopulation crisis is not abating. In 2015 the shelter served 3,200 homeless animals and our Live Release Rate was 70 percent. We are proud to announce that in 2017, our Live Release Rate grew to 95%. SPCA staff and volunteers are working hard to spread the news about pet adoption, spaying and neutering, and responsible pet ownership.

All animals are spayed or neutered before they are adopted to loving and forever homes. The Frances R. Willis SPCA works in partnership with the Charleston Animal Society and Doc Williams SPCA to make this spay/neuter program a success.

In 2016, the Frances R. Willis SPCA adopted out 2,154 animals!

With a young, dynamic staff and a corps of dedicated volunteers, foster homes and your support, the shelter is poised to make significant improvements for animal welfare in Dorchester County.

Our Mission

  • The Frances R. Willis SPCA will strive to instill humane principles into society through the prevention of cruelty to animals.

  • The  Frances R. Willis SPCA will feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, reunite lost pets with owners, and through adoptions, find homes for as many stray animals as possible.

  • The  Frances R. Willis SPCA will practice animal kindness, fight overpopulation by encouraging spaying and neutering, and champion responsible pet ownership through public education.

Frances R. Willis SPCA is a partner in the "No Kill South Carolina Coalition." We are determined to end unnecessary euthanasia by 2019. From the start of 2017, we have made leaps and bounds of improvements to our shelter and quality of care to the animals. We have reduced our euthanasia rate by nearly half and since January have not euthanized for time, space or money. We are committed to making our live release rate meet the national average.


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