Welcome volunteers!

On any given day, we have over 100 dogs at the shelter. Our goal is to have each dog be taken out on a minimum 20 minute, twice a day walk. We severely need your help to exercise, enrich, and teach our dogs so they are happier while waiting for their forever homes. 

To operate smoothly, the Frances R. Willis SPCA relies on the commitment and energy of its uniquely talented volunteers. Volunteers assist the Frances R. Willis SPCA staff with many of their responsibilities. These responsibilities include adoption counseling, kennel cleaning, cat socialization, event management, and much more. We love our volunteers!

I have a great love for animals! I’m also a foster mom and have fostered 90 dogs in the past three years!
— Donna

We Need Help with the Following:

Poop Troop                                                          Enrichment Activities
Dog Walker                                                         Community Outreach
Cat Socialization                                                  Event Assistance
Leash Walk Training                                            Laundry/Dishes/Grooming
Administrative Support                                        Fosters
PetSmart Cat Adoption Center                            Landscaping 

I volunteer because I love animals and I love helping them. They helped me when I was down and they were my first friends.
— Elizabeth (Lizzy)


We are thrilled you are interested in volunteering at the Frances R. Willis SPCA! Please note we require our volunteers to be at least 12 years of age or accompanied by an adult at all times if you are a minor*.

Volunteer orientation is held the first Sunday of each month at 2PM. 

We offer shifts Monday-Sunday anytime from 8am-5pm. If you are interested in bringing a group out to volunteer, the group leader should fill out the below volunteer application and our Volunteer Manager will reply shortly. 

*Parents must attend the volunteer orientation with the minor and must be present at all times while he/she is at Frances R. Willis SPCA. 

Name *
Time Available to Volunteer *